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Venus is the second planet in our solar system. Named for the goddess of love, Venus is frequently placed as the morning or evening star.

Being an inner planet, that is within Earth orbit, it never appears very far away from the Sun, so learning when the optimal times when Venus is furthest away from the Sun, it ket to observing Venus. In this website we calculate those times known as "Elongations."

Today in Astronomy History
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September 1, 5509 BCE
Day of Creation according to the Byzantine Empire

September 1, 1804
German astronomer Karl Ludwig Harding discovers one of the largest main belt asteroids, Juno.

September 1, 1859
The first solar flare is observed and it effects telegraph service.

September 1, 1882
The first observations of the Great September comet of 1882 are made at the Gulf of Guinea and at the Cape of Good Hope.

September 1, 1979
Pioneer 11 becomes the first spacecraft to visit Saturn as it passes at 21,000 km

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